Silent Snow


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Silent Snow

Silent snow falling down…

On the pines and the ground

There she rests…

Gently, like a fawn

As I see

The melody wandering down

Then I feel

Her loneliness…

Notes of music without sound


Angels of the cold

I looked yonder towards the panoramic landscape

And behold …!

The luminous space of denuded trees and quietly falling snow …

How serene and beautiful

The angels of the cold!

Shan Lim







Keningau 002

I lay in bed falling asleep

But a trigger from old summer smell brought me there …

Jungle air, fervent air —-

Angels of Eden

They flew me there …

Keningau 03

There I immersed

in deep forest

Of humid sweats

And refreshed myself

In the cascading falls …

How wonderful and marvelous

That God alone created them all!

And just as Adam and Eve had to leave the Garden

So also my time in Paradise Lost is just now a memory of days long past…

Keningau 01

O how I long for a return Paradise!

That it will be one beyond the realm of space and time.

Though the vivid memory would still occasionally flare,

But no more here nor over there.

Shan Lim


Papar 83 Tarzan



The Melody of Spring

Ah…! The Melody of Spring!

The Musical Sound from Heavenly Peace!

Do I see the coming of Maiden Spring?

Chiming Bells!

Of Holy Bliss upon the earth does dwell!

Bells of Hymns!

Do I hear a concert from within?

Was I charmed? Was that whims?

Do I smell the aroma of early Spring?

Rosy Air!

Of flooding sunshines

Upon the Vastness there!

There I see 

Birds of paradise, feathers of wings…

Do I feel the gentle caress of chilly winds?

But, beauty unlike Beauty is —

That glamour allures

So do our eyes deceive.

Where on earth —

Life’s sorrows and savories,

Like winds,

Will always meet.

Tingling Breeze

But for an instance

My stress relieved.

Have I forgotten just how sweet life can be?

Ah! Valley of Silence

O Wonders of God

How I wonder about You

And how I wish to return to You in Christ’s Righteousness

And in harmony and everlasting…


Without even ever fear!

Shan Lim